Jesus is all Right

I never met him but I bet he was a conservative 

I grew up in the church. As a kid, I went to Sunday School and youth church each and every Lord’s day. Doing that for 18 years straight basically makes you an expert, so I consider myself a biblical scholar. Even though I had a period during my twenties when I strayed away from the church, the lessons learned never went away. Now that I’m a born-again Christian, I can finally understand scripture in ways that I couldn’t never comprehend as a child.

As a Christian who is interested in politics, I have often wondered how Jesus would react to today’s world? Using my academic knowledge of the Bible, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus would be a Republican. Jesus’s conservative values are sprinkled all throughout his teachings, as I will show you below. I guess you can say that the Right is certainly right about Jesus. Let’s break it down by individual issues.


Non-Christian religions

Jesus was a Christian, point blank. He is one with the Christian God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph. He would never have accepted the teachings of another religion. He wouldn’t bother with Islam, where a regular human tries to pass himself off as a God. He wouldn’t bother with Hinduism, where they believe God could take multiple forms. And certainly not Buddhism, with that coming back from the dead/reincarnation nonsense. So when people say that we should be tolerant of other beliefs, I say wrong because Jesus never honored the traditions of any other religion, and neither should we. 


There are many places in the Bible that shun homosexuality but we can also use Jesus’s life as a proof that gays are evil. When Judas betrayed Jesus, how did he do it? By kissing him. Nothing good can come from a man touching another man. Jesus said “love your brother,” but not like that. My suggestion would be for everyone to read through the book of Leviticus to see how applicable the laws of Biblical times still are today.


I don’t have any personal vendetta against refugees. In fact a have a lot of sympathy for them. But Jesus’s actions show us that we should keep our friends/families close and those we don’t know at arm’s length. That is why Jesus only associated himself with twelve disciples. These were twelve men he knew he could trust under any circumstances. We must protect ourselves from those outsiders that want to do us harm. It doesn’t matter that these families from the Middle East were forced to leave their homes and are on long journeys trying to find a place to stay. Even if many of these families, who are treated like barn animals, have pregnant women with unborn children, I still think Jesus would agree that they need to be highly vetted before we even think about helping them.  



The Bible asks us to tithe, which means to give 10% of what you earn to the Lord. That is the only taxing system that is mentioned in the Bible. And no, I’m not one of those crazy Tea Party people that thinks we shouldn’t pay taxes at all. I agree with Ben Carson (or was it Herman Cain? I can’t tell them apart) who said, “if 10% is good enough for the Lord then 9% should be good enough for the United States government.” While I can’t be sure of everyone Jesus associated with, I know that a tax collector would have been very low on the friend list.



By the way, it is morally wrong to spend our God-given money to fund programs that kill people. The government should be focused on protecting lives instead of taking them away. That is why a moral government should only fund programs that protect lives, like the military.



The advancement of medicine in recent years has been staggering. Sicknesses that would have killed people a hundred years ago can be cured in a week today. Since medicine was so bad back in the biblical days, Jesus often healed sick people himself. But these miracles were not just free handouts like people want today. He healed those that showed the determination to get to him. There are stories in the Gospels of people lowering themselves down from the ceiling and fighting through crowds in order to be healed by him. Jesus didn’t just heal random people on the side of the road. God helps those that help themselves because health is not guaranteed to anyone. But fortunately for all, praying is still the most powerful medicine.




At the end of the day, it’s important to understand that Jesus is one with the Church. The Church teaches Jesus’s message and thus can never been wrong. I, for one, think that Jesus would never have accepted people speaking out against Church leaders and calling them hypocrites? While we’ll never know for sure how he would have reacted, it’s our jobs as Christians and conservatives to use his lessons from the Bible to spread his message of love I outlined above.

We can all learn a lot from someone like Jesus. I just wish more people would put aside the political rhetoric and actually read what he had to say in the Bible.


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